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The Engage mobile page builder application is a complete and proven mobile web page building tool that allows you to design, edit and publish beautiful, mobile rendered landing pages in minutes.

HTML5 mobile page builder

You don’t need any programming skills and it can dramatically reduce the time and costs normally associated with creating a mobile web presence for your brand. HTML5 brings user experience to the next level by incorporating imagery, video and audio into your mobile communications.


Integrate with SMS

Each mobile landing page includes a unique short link, allowing you to easily share the landing page via SMS. Including a link allows you to expand upon the 160 character limitation and gives your recipient a call-to-action allowing them to perform a task.

Design and store templates

The template builder allows you to easily design and store landing page templates, reducing the time taken to create future mobile landing pages.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to test landing pages by measuring specific metrics such as clicks and conversions. Multiple versions of a landing page are split between your recipients, giving you a clear and balanced test of your landing page.



Implement for a wide range of uses

Mobile landing pages work in a wide range of scenario’s. For example, if business operates stores in specific locations, including a link to your location-based offer page within your SMS messages, driving more sales to your store.

No programming language required

Creating a mobile web presence in Engage requires no programming experience. Mobile web pages are simply created using our intuitive drag and drop builder, and you can start sharing your pages within minutes.

Improve user experience

Mobile landing pages bring your campaigns to life and add another dimension to your communications. Including images, videos and other interactive elements on your web pages can improve engagement with your audience, and take your campaigns to a completely different level.

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