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Direct Billing makes it easier to pay on the mobile internet with just a mobile phone account. Consumers do not need a credit card, or membership with any payment service provider.

Consumers do not need a credit card or membership with any payment service provider to process payments on mobile.


Business Benefits

  • Opens up new marketing channels - Allows users to pay using their mobile
  • Easier opt-in to services - No need for an SMS from the user’s handset for permission
  • Enhanced conversion rates - Better targeting of content and advertising, to improve product offering
  • Flexible pricing - Bill at a range of tariff points through a single account
  • Guaranteed revenue - Full payment is processed before delivery of purchased content or services

Consumer Benefits

  • Easy to use – consumers enjoy the benefits of ‘click and buy’ purchasing without the need to send text messages or receive multiple SMS billing messages
  • Convenient – The consumer does not need to register for Direct Billing, their existing account with their mobile network operator provides all they need to purchase. This creates a simple and anonymous way to make a purchase
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  • One-off purchases and subscription billing
  • Style sheets and merchant logo for consistent branding and improved conversion
  • Full MSISDN passthru for site personalisation and purchase behaviour data collection
  • Easy-to-integrate API that uses common web protocols


Content owners and publishers, including music labels and gaming companies for content sales. Dating and social networking operators for top up credits and membership fees.

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