SMS Messaging


Engage is an SMS mobile marketing platform that’s been meticulously developed to target businesses’ primary SMS direct marketing objectives. More than a text messaging service for small businesses, it’s a powerful SMS marketing tool equipped with a range of relevant features that enable companies across industries marketing through SMS to increase efficiencies and achieve better results.

SMS messaging is an extremely powerful method of communication that puts your business in the palm of your audience. Engage handles the targeting, delivery and analysis of text messages and allows you to design and undertake SMS campaigns through our web based application.


Bulk SMS
Our platform allows you to easily send bulk SMS messages. By using our platform to send SMS messages in bulk, you can reach out to thousands of contacts within seconds.

Include call-to-actions

The Engage mobile page builder application allows you to design, edit and publish mobile-optimised landing pages, giving your mobile marketing campaigns a valuable call-to-action.


Schedule SMS

The Campaign Calendar is an innovative way of proactively creating and scheduling your SMS campaigns. The calendar ensures your campaigns are sent at an optimum time for you and your audience, leading to better results from your campaigns.

CRM management

Easy to manage mobile databases and mobile target lists, customise the mobile subscribe process, blacklist suppression powerful mobile eCRM profiles for all campaigns.

Reporting & analytics

Access instant, real time data on the marketing SMS services you want to track, to help understand the performance of your current campaign and learn for future campaigns.

We Deliver Tangible Results through Our SMS Marketing Service

Oxygen8 is an SMS marketing company that focusses on better solutions that deliver results. For those planning to use SMS marketing in Australia, our platform can help your campaigns achieve the results with a proven SMS marketing solution through a range of advanced features. It can:

  • Create personalised content and call to action for each campaign
  • Schedule text alerts and target text messages based  on customer data and preferences
  • Complete campaign history and benchmarking reporting across your campaigns
  • Send sms to over 200 countries


Instant contact
Text messages are read within five seconds on average (source), and puts your company in the very palm of your audience. Our solutions offers a route to your audience that is simple and easy to use.

Contact recipients anywhere
The majority of mobile users rarely leave home without their device, meaning your business is able to connect with your audience, whenever and wherever they may be.

Quicker response times

The average response time to an SMS message is 90 seconds, compared to email which averages 90 minutes. This speed of contact makes your message perfect for almost-instant communications.

Higher engagement rates

SMS produces engagement rates 6 to 8 times higher than email, and building up trust with your audience is essential to high engagement rates.

Multi-channel wins

Oxygen8 offer a wide range of solutions that help your business implement multi-channel communications. SMS, combined with voice and email, gives your business the perfect opportunity to engage with your audience using multiple touchpoints.



SMS messaging can be used for a wide range of purposes, including customer acquisition, customer retention, internal communications and more. Here are just a few examples of how you could take advantage of SMS messaging.

Awareness and promotion

Engage handles the targeting, delivery and analysis of text messages and allows you to design and undertake mobile marketing campaigns through our web based application. The platform is suitable for all companies that are looking to harness the power of the mobile channel as a communications tool to reach their customers more effectively than ever before.

Utilising SMS voucher codes for example, could be an effective way of promote your product or service. Delivery this by SMS means your voucher code is timlely, and portable, allowing your customer to redeem the voucher in any location with their mobile phone.

Competitions and donations

SMS competitions provide an immediate and easy way for your business to generate additional revenue and increase promotional engagement. We can help you run exciting mobile auctions and competitions that truly engage consumers.

Audience participation is now integral to all brands. Mobile competitions are an excellent way to complement brand marketing to engage in two-way communications with your customer base. Using premium rate SMS texts and short codes, you can run simple competitions such as asking customers to answer a question by sending a text from a selection of keywords, or be as complex as running multi-question / multi-response quizzes.

Each SMS text sent by a customer is delivered straight into the Mobile Solution we implement for you. The system analyses the text content and selects a pre-set premium rate SMS message to send back to the customer. This message is set at a tariff of your choosing, creating a mobile billing mechanism that generates your revenue.

Loyalty, retention and surveys

Retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new customers, which is why it’s so important you keep customer loyalty a priority. SMS can help keep customers loyal through specific, and timely messages.

SMS surveys also provides another way to reach your customers and gather market data. Surveys can be developed within Engage, and is highly effective for capturing feedback from any mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

There are a number of ways we can help you undertake mobile surveys and collect feedback. Oxygen8 can help you set up routed questionnaires that automatically distribute specific questions via SMS text, dependent on the response previously received. A survey commences when a respondent is compelled to provide initial feedback to a short code, that you are advertising either at your locations or in other media.

Oxygen8 can provide you with a short code that customers can simply text and freely give feedback about their experience of the service provided or products purchased. The information will then be analysed by our Mobile Phone SMS survey management system, to ensure that customers are presented with simple, meaningful data that can be used almost immediately.

Oxygen8 can repurpose any web surveys that you are currently running, including incorporating your brand’s look and feel into the mobile design.

Audience Engagement

There are many ways you can use SMS to engage with your audience, including voting, quizzes and competitions.

Voting has been adopted the world over by media companies seeking feedback on editorial items, or for television viewers to cast votes to determine the outcome of reality shows.

Setting up such services on the Oxygen8 platform is a simple process, completed in minutes. It keeps your customers interested in your content and your business generates additional revenue while they participate. Collecting votes from mobile phones is the most effective way to understand what your audience is thinking.

We have implemented mobile voting solutions across a wide variety of industries and our mobile marketing platform allows you to create as many surveys / polls as you need to ensure you reach the widest possible audience and maximise consumer involvement. The system allows you to schedule the collection of votes so that you only collect votes at specific times, or you can set your poll to automatically finish at a certain point in time.

Cross sell and up sell

SMS can help your company cross sell and up sell to customers. Both techniques are proven to increase revenue, but how does SMS help?

There are many ways you could cross sell and up sell using

Alerts, reminders and confirmations

Our mobile engagement platform provides an ideal mechanism for news alerts and subscription services, providing timely information to consumers, whilst also generating revenue for content owners.

We can provide you with a platform that supports news alerts and subscription services, intuitively allowing you to configure and manage your own SMS content in minutes. We can also offer a range of ready-made alert services for you to promote to your clients.

Our mobile marketing platform also supports services that can be to MMS services, where users can also receive rich media picture, audio and video. Alert services can also be used by enterprises as a free to user service to enhance services to customers or staff or improve their business efficiency.

Alert services can be used as a management tool for internal staff communications or investor relations, for business continuity and disaster recovery applications, or for system monitoring and alerts. The platform integrates seamlessly into Enterprise systems to drive such services.

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