Engage’s advanced contact management and myCRM functionality offers effectively management and segmentation of contact databases, as well as targeting and personalisation of content to make messages relevant and mroe effective.

The CRM functionality within our mobile engagement platform allows users to manage their customer contacts within their account, directly uploading existing databases into their account and utilising them to carry out targeted messaging campaigns..


  • Collect statistics on campaigns automatically
  • Automate data capture and campaign statistics
  • Analyse behaviour patterns of individuals and sets of users
  • Personalise message content to match database fields
  • Customise messages based on day and time
  • Customise messages based on previous interactions based on customer data and preferences

myCRM allows easy collection and management of end user data to build opt in databases for marketing and better understand customer behaviour to improve future customer experience. Existing customer data can be easily imported from existing systems in to Engage using CSV files. Alternatively use the myCRM API to automate the synchronisation of data between Engage and an existing systems.



  • Improve campaign results through highly targeted and timely messaging
  • Increase understanding of customers and their behaviour
  • Complete control over all your data
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