The Campaign Calendar is an innovative way of creating, scheduling and viewing mobile campaigns. Plan campaigns in a simple, single calendar view. Edit future campaigns based on previous campaign insight. Duplicate campaigns quickly and easily, with new content and targeting data.

The Campaign Calendar is an innovative way of proactively creating and scheduling your mobile campaigns. View all of your scheduled campaigns and edit content or targeting based on previous campaign insight, without having to create new campaigns from scratch.


Create and schedule campaigns

Schedule campaigns up to a year in advance.

View by day, week, month or year

Campaign colour coding for easy identificationof campaign types. Copy and paste function for easy campaign duplication.


The calendar ensures your campaigns are sent at an optimum time for you and your audience, leading to better results from your campaigns.



Save time

Campaigns can be created in advance, and the simple interface gives a graphical display of campaigns for the week or month ahead.

Control time-sensitive campaigns

Engage gives control, to the minute, when your campaign is sent. This makes it perfect for sending time-sensitive messages such as alerts, reminders, and promotions.

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