Mobile Surveys

The cost effective way to run quick and easy snapshot surveys

Oxygen8’s Mobile Survey solution allows organisations to send surveys to a mobile phone within minutes and is ideal for quick opinion gathering and short surveys. Oxygen8’s Direct Control Mobile platform can create interactive surveys using SMS, mobile web and automated voice that enables customers to provide feedback and opinions instantly using automated communication. Responses are automatically recorded by Oxygen8’s online reporting system, allowing you to easily view and analyse them.

No development time or complex APIs are required. Simply configure a survey in our messaging platform and schedule. Alternatively you can utilise our client services team to help build your survey.

Regulatory advice is also available through Oxygen8’s local Compliance team.


  • Free to User or Premium Rated surveys
  • Choice of SMS, mobile web form or automated voice surveys
  • Ability to send customised messages and responses to individual users
  • Text to speech or pre-recorded voice file options for automated voice surveys
  • One off, or recurring surveys can be automatically scheduled
  • A range of survey question types:
    • Single Select
    • Multiple Select
    • Yes / No
    • Ratings
    • Percentage
    • Question / Free Form Comment
  • Automated reminder messages to consumers
  • Single or Multi-stage surveys
  • Downloadable CSV files to upload into your existing CRM or Research Programmes
  • Online reporting tools
  • Sub account hierarchies to track results and costs to different departments, clients, or campaigns


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Receive immediate feedback, allowing instant action on critical business information
  • Cost effective using low cost forms of automated communication
  • Contact your audience anytime, anywhere
  • An un-obtrusive way of communicating with your survey audience – they can respond when convenient
  • Increased response rates compared to email surveys

Who can use Mobile Surveys?

  • Media Owners – Feedback from your audience at any time. This might include rating new content or programmes, completing a survey of the day or getting insights on national/international issues.
  • Brands – Regular snapshots of brand perception, particularly post advertising events and benchmark against the competition.
  • Utilities – Measure customer satisfaction at any time, or complete post event surveys, for example, after an engineer has visited customer premises.
  • Retailers & Mail Order Companies – Gauge customer satisfaction after a delivery.
  • Market Research Companies – Enhance your portfolio of services to add more value to your clients, generate additional revenue and improve response rates.
  • Advertising Agencies – Add interactivity to advertising by asking for consumer feedback.
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of the advertising campaign and generate new leads for your clients.
  • Event Organisers – Instant feedback on speakers and sessions.
  • Charities – Gauge public opinion and measure fund raising opportunities.
  • Political Parties – Exit poll research, opinion polls and approval ratings.
  • Public Sector Organisations – Healthcare, Education, Housing, Transport.

Survey Types

  • Opinion surveys
  • General measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Specific post event surveys
  • Quantitative and qualitative options
  • Tracking surveys

Top Tips

  • Keep mobile surveys short, sweet and simple
  • Make mobile surveys relevant and specific
  • Send mobile surveys at a convenient time

Did you know?

  • The percentage of SMS messages opened is 98%
  • The average response time to an SMS is 90 seconds
  • SMS containing web links have a 19.3% click through rate
  • The average response rate to an SMS is over 20%
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