Our clients in the utilities sector have significantly benefited from our understanding of integrating mobile and voice solutions, ensuring our clients own customer experiences are of the highest level possible.

We work with clients to improve the cost of business processes and streamline communication methods that ensure mobile workforces operate at optimum levels, driving profitability upwards and increasing customer acquisition for significantly lower costs.

Some of our clients



  • Add new ways to engage with your customers
  • Provide customer with new channels of communication
  • Improve customer led meter readings
  • Add new revenue streams that add value to the customer experience
  • Collect feedback through mobile customer surveys


  • ICT (Information Communication Technology) –  In the event of an issue, your  systems generate an email which is sent to Dragon; this is converted to a text and sent to a your incident management team
  • Customer Service Agents – Use SMS to follow up inbound customer calls to close the communication loop (regulatory requirement).
  • Alarm Monitoring Centre – For instance, UU has thousands of secure doors, hatches, windows and entry points within their sites.  If any are triggered a text is sent as an audit trail for the alarm which has been raised
  • Customer Appt Messages

Some facts & figures


Online and phone banking bill payments will increase 100% by 2017


37% of people in the UK have billed something to their phone


18% of mobile subscribers in the UK respond to a mobile text ad

Source: APACS

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