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Oxygen8 is at the forefront of the classified digital revolution, helping traditional-media companies to transform their businesses and new-media companies to seize and monetise new opportunities.

Consumers are always willing to engage with your marketing communications as long as you focus on delivering relevant, engaging, timely and informative messages that will provide them with something they value.


  • Add new ways to engage your audience
  • Provide commercial customers with new channels of communication
  • Improve show interaction and competition entries
  • Add new revenue streams that add value to the listener/viewer experience
  • Listener feedback through mobile customer surveys
  • To offer creative initiatives which appeal to TV viewers and enhance revenues all year round
  • Improve customer experience by developing an interactive element to a passive active
  • Create services which can help to drive social media
  • Collect measurable responses allowing you to develop targeted marketing campaigns

Providing an audience with the opportunity to vote is a popular method used by many media companies to improve audience experience and increase engagement. Our voting feature allows you to define the exact voting variable, create an automatic response and limit the amount of votes audience members can make.

You can define the exact voting variable, an automatic response and limit the amount of votes a user can make.

SMS competitions provide an immediate and easy way for your business to generate additional revenue and increase promotional engagement. We can help you run exciting mobile auctions and competitions that truly engage consumers.

Audience participation is now integral to all brands. Mobile competitions are an excellent way to complement brand marketing to engage in two-way communications with your customer base. Using premium rate SMS texts and short codes, you can run simple competitions such as asking customers to answer a question by sending a text from a selection of keywords, or be as complex as running multi-question / multi-response quizzes.

Each SMS text sent by a customer is delivered straight into the Mobile Solution we implement for you. The system analyses the text content and selects a pre-set premium rate SMS message to send back to the customer. This message is set at a tariff of your choosing, creating a mobile billing mechanism that generates your revenue.

Our solutions provides your commercial partners with the capabilities to reach a new audience directly with timely, personalised, offers that can trigger new purchases and add new revenue.

Our media solutions are ideal for increasing commercial sponsor exposure, adding significantly to your sponsorship sales propositions and also giving your loyal audience exclusive offers to take advantage of.

Our solutions offer a real time communication channel that lowers acquisition cost but offers higher response rates than other mediums. Communications can be delivered straight to your audience’s pockets, increasing response rates and driving new audience members in to your programmes.

This could include sending viewing schedules or details of specific shows to your database to encourage viewers to tune in or provide details of a competition that is taking place during the show that they might be interested in.


of people surf the web on their mobile devices while watching TV


of people buy a product/service with their smartphones while watching TV


of mobile radio ads are open immediately

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