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Oxygen8 is a leading supplier of Interactive Communications solutions for sports teams and venues. We help our clients harness the power of our technologies to enhance the customer experience – before, during and after an event.

Consumers are always willing to engage with your marketing communications as long as you focus on delivering relevant, engaging, timely and informative messages that will provide them with something they value.

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  • Enhance your sales with the Direct Control IVR solutions
  • Reducing costs
  • Add new revenue streams
  • Increase customer acquisitions and retention


Oxygen8’s state of the art IVR platform offers yet another level of functionality, enabling callers to be offered a number of menu options, which can be configured by type of caller (e.g. mobile users can be sent text, video) or time of day (out of hours). Value added services also include message recording facilities, for callers to leave messages, which can be conveniently forwarded to email, or to play-out information (e.g. the timetable of events overthe coming months).

Call Recording

If there is a requirement to record inbound calls, or section of a call, for instance detailing the purchasing of a ticket, Oxygen8 offers a full call recording facility which archives recordings to be accessed in the future. All recordings are available via a secure web based interface.


More and more people text in to obtain more information. Mobile users can be sent automated information by SMS, or an inbound text can initiate a call from an agent to the customer to follow through on an enquiry.

This facility can also be used by fans to provide feedback or send in pictures or video to incorporate into a web site.

Oxygen8 is able to provide a complete campaign management platform, both voice and mobile, to enable sport stadia to actively market to their opted in databases. Out-bound marketing is a great way to make timely special offers to fill last minute seats, push subscriptions and make announcements. A range of communications methods are available including a voice broadcast, mobile messaging or email. And sports fans can interact with all outbound messaging for instant capture of responses.

A range of communications methods are available including a voice broadcast, mobile messaging or email. And sports fans can interact with all outbound messaging for instant capture of responses.

Sports fans have a huge appetite for news related to their favourite team or sport. News alerts and mobile magazines offer information usually on a premium subscription. They help build revenues and databases of fans. Alerts usually consist of in-match information and breaking news.

A mobile magazine can have many purposes:

  • News and Information: Such as updating ticket holders of latest changes to the line up.
  • Content & Mobile Store: Ticket holders can be given access to browse and click and buy branded content associated with the event such as wallpapers,ringtones, etc.
  • Competitions & Voting: Ticket holders can be given the opportunity to enter competitions prior to the event, ie. such as winning a VIP ticket upgrade on the day; Or pre-event voting, for example for ticket holders to determine a line up or favourite song they want to be played.
  • Chat and Group Interaction: Users can register their profiles and chat and network prior to the event, posting bulletins.
  • User Generated Content: User generated content is one of the fastest growing sectors of the mobile market. Web spaces such as Myspace and Youtube have grown exponentially and now we see the same trend moving to mobile with Peekaboo TV and SeeMe TV, and most recently MTV Flux. As part of the group interaction above, users can create their own content, picsand videos, to post on mobile bulletin boards.

Increasingly mobile devices are being used to pay for and be utilised for the ticketing of events. This includes sending tickets to mobiles, including 2D barcoding, which can be scanned for entry or to show proof of purchase.

Oxygen8 works with a number of leading mobile ticketing suppliers to provide such services.

Whilst a sporting event is in progress, services can be offered that enable fans to interact during the event and this can be in integrated with in stadia display screen to display results and promote services.

Typical in-event applications include:

  • Votes – Man-of-the-Match
  • Competitions
  • Comments from fans
  • Sending in pictures

All services enable the fans to ’have a voice’ and typically these interactions are charged at premium rate and therefore generate income for the stadium.

Most stadia offer merchandise associated with the club or sport that they host and a food and beverage service. Through mobile messaging stadia can send out offers and mobile coupons, which offer discounts on vouchers redeemed in a certain timescale and drive instant footfall to these retail outlets in stadium.

Some facts & figures


of all sports fans use a smartphone to access sports content while watching televised sports.


of sports fans are most engaged by exciting pre-game content


of mobile users access a short code to respond to adverts

Source: Mintel, June 2014

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