We work with some of the largest logistics providers and help them to deliver. The range of business solutions we provide to improve business processes within your logistical operations are unrivalled.

We can help you integrate mobile and voice solutions to enhance all aspects of logistics, including planning, routing, loading, dispatching and final deliveries that can change the way your business operates, reducing management time and having significant impact on profitability.


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  • Enhance customer experience through delivery notifications
  • Improve communication with delivery drivers
  • Reduce delivery times with travel alerts and route planning
  • Reduce costs with automated mobile and voice processes

Logistics Solutions

Whilst you are able to securely log on to your Oxygen8 Platform and manually create campaigns giving you full control and complete flexibility over the marcomms functionality of your business, I would presume that the majority of activity is going to be automated and take place via our API Gateway.

Oxygen8’s API Gateway easily integrates into other products and databases allowing you to send out updates for such things as delivery times. This ensures that consumers are updated in real time and that each delivery is made with the first visit, rather than multiple attempts which are annoying for the consumer and costly to you.

A human voice is a more personal way of delivering a message to your customers and can add an extra element of viability. The most obvious benefit would be a key stroke confirmation that the delivery time is convenient for the consumer and the option for the consumer to reschedule by simply pressing 1, 2 or 3 when prompted by Oxygen8’s predefined IVR solution. This could plug directly into your logistical solution and would increase productivity both internally (office based staff) and externally (courier drivers)

IVR gathers customer information and matches it against your database to answer customer enquiries without having to transfer to a live agent. When used in conjunction with Voice Push, it creates a powerful cost saving solution that maximizes the productivity within call centers

(Non-Geographic Numberers) The number gives no indication of where you are located geographically, giving your business a global identity and extended reach

Some facts & figures


of consumers claimed that SMS delivery updates on the day of delivery would improve their shopping experience


of customers use telephone services for deliveries issues and returns


of mobile subscribers in the UK respond to a mobile text ad

Source: Mintel, July 2014

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