At Oxygen8 we believe that customer satisfaction must be at the core of every business. With our knowledgeable and experienced Compliance Team we offer full in-house assistance to your final consumers without the need to cope with consumer’s enquiries/complaints.

Part of the expertise provided by Oxygen8 to its clients, is a thorough knowledge of the guidelines and regulations relating to premium rate services and mobile marketing in Australia.

Links to the main guidelines and regulatory documents are provided below for reference

Please contact our compliance team at for any further information.

Regulatory Documents (These documents can be downloaded)

Mobile Premium Services: Industry Code 2011 (Australia – Premium Rate Services)

The inaugural Mobile Premium Services Code was registered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority in May 2009. Two years later a review of the Code was undertaken. The 2011 Code revision has been undertaken to clarify and streamline processes while providing greater certainty for all parties in the implementation of the Code. This is monitored on behalf of the carriers by a third party named WMC Global, penalties for non-compliance can include shortcode suspension and/or withholding revenue.


Spam Act 2003: A Practical Guide for Business (Australia – SMS)

The Spam Act 2003 sets up a scheme for regulating commercial SMS and other types of commercial electronic messages. It is monitored by The Australian Communications and Media Authority (The ACMA) and fines up to $220,000 may be issued for each day’s contravention of the Act. This document is a summary of the requirements: the full act can be obtained by emailing


Infocall Advertising Infringements and Actions Required (Australia – Premium Rate Services) & Infocall Call Flow Infringements and Actions Required (Australia – Premium Rate Services and Numbers)

Both of the above documents regulate the flow of IVR/PRS calls in Australia. This sector was previously monitored by a third party named TISSC contracted to Telstra; however as of late 2012 this has been added to the responsibilities of WMC Global. Repercussions for noncompliance can include number suspension and/or withholding revenue.

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